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Electric Wine Decanter: Pour with Ease!

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Rechargeable quantitative wine dispenser and electric wine aerator, adjustable 1-999ml wine dispensing settings; automatic stop dispensing after quantitative dispensing wine is dispensed, no worry about overflowing the cup. Intelligent wine dispenser, one-handed wine, no need to press the switch, easy to take the wine, the cup touches the switch, automatically dispenses the wine, the cup leaves the touch switch and stops dispensing wine.

Learn how to pour wine like a pro with the help of Redsack’s Electric Wine Decanter! With adjustable settings, you can now enjoy a perfect pour without any spills. The one-handed magic of this device is simply amazing – all you have to do is touch and pour. It fits any bottle and any mood, making it an ideal gift for wine lovers who like to keep it classy and quirky.

Electric Wine Decanter: Pour with Ease!
Electric Wine Decanter: Pour with Ease!
$79.99 $99.99